Drying Technology

Types of Dryers:

Vertical Thin Film Dryer

Horizontal Thin Film Dryer

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Applications of Vertical Thin Film Dryer

Applications of Horizontal Thin Film Dryer
Agrochemicals (Atrozine etc.) DRYING of slurries, sludges, pastes,

filter cakes, wet powders

Waste water and spent liquors HEATING and COOLING of solids
Chlorides, bromides, sulfates MELTING (Urea etc.)
 Silane recovery REACTION
Benzosulfonic acid MIXING of solids with liquids and subsequent thermal processes
Chemical intermediates
Solvent recovery from waste
Carbonates, phosphates
Silicon, silicon carbide
Dyes and pigments
Sodium formiate
Baron carbide, baron nitride
Caffeine, condiments


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